The creative team of Red Pepper Events has been holding some of the most memorable events in Yekaterinburg for over 10 years. Fashion shows, presentations, openings, corporate and private events - we have long mastered all this, and now it's time to move to a completely new level.

Black Pepper Events. Same creative team, same endless possibilities, only now - anywhere in the world. Morocco, Nepal, Los Angeles, Nicaragua, Paris, Shanghai, Vladivostok, London - stop limiting your desires only to Yekaterinburg.
Black Pepper Events
We are an international events management agency that can organise absolutely everything upon your request. Our DNA consists of high quality services, exclusive offers and meticulous attention to the detail.
All that we do in our native Yekaterinburg, only anywhere in the world. Do you want to hold a corporate event, a birthday, a presentation of a collection or a conference outside Russia? We can arrange that for you!

We've traveled half of the world and soaked up the best experiences in order to deliver the finest service ever to you. We can meet you at the ramp of the plane, take the best cars for you, book the most stunning rooms in one of a kind hotels, show you the best places, and, with no doubt, we can always brilliantly arrange your event or vocation.
Travel Edition
Here we offer you personalised programs of short-trips to the most ambitious world events, with the ability to access VIP-zones, gala dinners and other high class experiences.
If you ever dreamed of visiting Royal Ascot in the UK, Formula 1 in Monaco, run a marathon in Cannes or, for example, join the burners society of the Burning Man festival, then you are in the right place!

We have formed several short-trips to the most significant events in the world that you can visit without thinking about any formalities. Visas, flights, accommodation, transfers, tickets and entertainment - we arrange all of that. You just join our company and have a great time!

We don't miss any significant events that happen in the world. If you want to go to the music festival or sporting event that is not on our list, we will prepare an individual proposal for you and make sure that you are going to have fun down there!
Together Forever
This part is all about friendship!

If you are interested in yoga, gastronomy, architecture, fashion and in general everything in the world, we have organised for you a unique selection of travels in which we will pay tribute to the hobbies of your soul.

Relax on the beach with meditation, take a ride around the Alps suburbs, join the London Fashion Week or be the first to study the textures that will be used in top architectural solutions - we have considered all possible directions and we are ready to add new ones just for you!
Познание себя
Йога-тур на Бали от проекта "Мама может"
Волшебный Израиль
Оздоровительный тур
Welcome to Mother Russia
Russia is, definitely, not only about Red Square in Moscow and Hermitage in St. Petersburg, trust us!

We create special trips for our guests from abroad, so that they can get a truly Russian experience and see best sights of it. Take a walk along the frozen lake Baikal, do a Trans Siberian trip or enjoy the places of power in Altay. Too extreme? Lets go to the festivals and sporting events! Sounds impossible? Contact us!

We are here for you, to show you who we are!
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